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  • SYNOPSIS Some inner voice can be a real tormentor. She just nests herself in your house, your head … your boat. You cannot lock her out. She’s already inside. Resistance generates resistance. A steady hand is needed, a good spirit, intuition, …an ear.
    “To my Lord Ghost:less!” is about mental entanglements that cloud the contact to the world, to the ego. But the ego dreams of the gesture of self-empowerment. However, identification as the beginning of experienced action has conditions that also dare the protagonist: to give space to the right voice, to rise up to oneself.

    INFORMATION Essayfilm “To my Lord Ghost:less!”, 2018, 14 minutes, b/w, 16:9.
    Scenario, Directing, Animation, Camera, Montage, Lighting and Sound: Malte Knipping